UPenn PIF/PEEP 2020

I didn’t see a discussion for this yet, so I decided to create it. How did everyone feel about the application?

My son applied for PIF. It wasn’t brutal. I am curious to see if they will bump up numbers since now it is online.

Just submitted my application, it was okay. Is Penn In Focus easier to get into than PEEP or are they relatively the same in terms of competitiveness?

Not sure. I think this might be the first year for PIF because I haven’t found anything from previous years. Seems like they split PEEP and PIF to include more people, they are probably around the same acceptance rate though.

Decisions tomorrow ahhhh

Best of luck everybody! Did anybody else here apply to PIF?

I did! Really hoping I get in lol

Best of luck SuperTrooper123! Hopefully both of us might get in

I applied to both! I’m kinda in a gray area for PEEP so I wasn’t sure which one was best for me. Good luck everyone :slight_smile:

Did anyone get an email? Nothing here sadly

Nope no email yet, did most people apply to both PEEP and PIF, or just one or the other?

Does anyone here know if getting into fly in programs like PEEP and PIF helps your application when you apply to UPENN in the fall? Thank you so much and Good Luck everyone

I applied to only PIF. Last year was apparently the first year of it, and they accepted everyone. So not sure how that will play into admissions. I know that PEEP is very selective and it all but guarantees you admission unless you mess up somehow.

I saw that the PIF application last year was a lot shorter than this year’s. This year it included a lot more things like activities, awards, etc. I’m wondering if it may be more selective this year? Who knows, but good luck everybody!!!

According to last year’s thred, decisions came out at around 5 pm EST. So I guess we’ll have to wait until then :///

Just got a notification that i was accepted to PIF!

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Just got the notif! I was accepted to PIF and PEEP! :slight_smile:

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Congrats! @ryders3

Did everyone else who applied get in?

My kiddo didn’t get selected for PIF. Sad face