UPenn RD 2025

Hi! I’ve been searching around on CC and haven’t seen a place for UPenn Class of 2025 RD discussion yet, so I thought I’d create one!

If you’d like to share your stats, feel free to do so here!

Here’s a template with some information you could include:
ACT (E, R, M, S, Total):
SAT (ERW, M, Total):
SAT Subject Tests:
APs (and scores):

Type of HS (public, private, etc.):


I’ll start!
ACT: Didn’t take
SAT: 780 Reading, 760 Math, 19 Essay
SAT Subject Tests: None, and I’m kind of worried about it
GPA W: 4.4
GPA UW: 4.2
APs: Euro 5, CSP 4, Lang 5, Gov 5, Calc AB 2 :((
State: Rather not say
School: Public
Hooks: Rural/ Geographically Underrepresented
ECs: Run lights for school plays, captain of school’s quizbowl team, ran for a state office in a DECA type organization, officer in local chapter of NHS, assorted others

hi everyone i submitted my application at 12:30 ish am is that fine? will my app still be considered

You’re still within pacific time zone.

How long does it usually take to get an email from Penn with portal login details? Applied just under the wire on the 5th. 4.0 UW, 10 APs, 35 ACT, leadership, athletics, etc. They are the only school I haven’t heard from after applying.

i got an email about 24 hrs after submitting but maybe it’ll take longer since a lot of people submitted on the 5th

Thanks, the email came about 10 minutes ago!

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Did anyone else just get alumni interview emails?

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Yes, mine is this week.

good luck!

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hey guys idk why i included “school” in the list of info you could include lol i think i may have just forgotten to delete it when i started writing the next line about what type of HS. i don’t think anyone should be revealing their HS! so sorry about that!

also i included the “state/country” mostly so you could say whether you’re international or domestic (and then if domestic out of state (oos) or in-state if you wanted to include that)

when did you apply may i ask?

I submitted my application at 10:30 on the 5th

okay thanks :slight_smile: i submitted on the 5th as well

I applied in Mid December and still haven’t received information about an interview…does this mean that I am like not worth an interview haha

not everyone gets an interview for penn but it won’t disadvantage you. usually it depends on availability of interviewers in your area (even with virtual interviews bc they still tend to have you interview with someone from your area)

there have been people who haven’t gotten interviews but have still been accepted!


Ah ok that makes sense. I’m from NYC so that could be a factor (Lots of my classmates are legacy bc private school)

hi everyone, do you know when alumni interviews usually come out? i applied on the day itself.

i got an email directly from my interviewer about a week after i submitted my application. yours may be taking longer since i assume a lot of people submitted on the 5th too. also you may not get one because of availability in your area (but fortunately, that won’t disadvantage you at all since not everyone gets an interview)


I applied on 5th and still waiting for one. I guess time is an important factor. First come first served. My ED was submitted at deadline and I got my ED interview later than anyone else I knew (and got rejected at last lol).