UPenn transfer chances?

<p>I really want to transfer to UPenn… I have good reasons, I will have at least one amazing rec, and as for EC’s I have a concrete interest in both theatre and nonprofit work. However, my stats are just okay, and we all know numbers can’t speak for everything but that they are also important esp. for a school as competitive as Penn. So my question is, given the fact that my stats are just “okay” yet I can offer a convincing, genuine essay, good/specific reasons as to why I belong at Penn, and at least one amazing rec, do you think it’s worth a shot?</p>


-currently a Sophomore @ Mount Holyoke College
-current GPA: 3.599 (however, I took one class Pass/Fail that I may have gotten a B- in so this would lower my overall GPA if Penn requires it to be figured into the GPA.)
-predominant interest/passion in college so far: theatre - have performed in some one-act plays (i never got involved in theatre in HS so i started out small), some crew involvement, writing plays, etc.
-English major/Theatre Minor
-estimating that I’ll get between a 3.4-3.7 this semester
-sister went to Penn</p>

<p>high school:
-had a 91-ish overall average in HS (my HS calculated averages by percentages; I was in the top 20%).
-took quite a few AP courses, scored 3’s in most exams and a 4 on the AP Psych exam
-SAT: verbal 660 math 560 = 1220 overall
-was heavily involved in Amnesty Int’l (out of all my activities in HS, this was my one true passion) - had a leadership position (PR person), organized many events, publicity, contacting various organizations, etc.
-other activites: piano for many years, choir for a year, things along those lines.</p>

<p>haha i just looked over this… i put “asian-american” under college… nope folks, i’vve always been asian-american, but anyhow i’d appreciate your input.</p>