UPenn Transfer Thread Fall 2021

Hi all! I haven’t seen a thread for this yet so I wanted to go ahead and start it. Excited to talk with you all about the upcoming transfer admissions cycle! <3

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Hi! Do you think 1450 is too low to apply as a transfer? I wanted to retake it but they cancelled nearly all the testing dates due to covid-19

And do you guys think UPenn will receive more or less transfers due to covid this year?

I honestly couldn’t tell you, I am not an admissions officer, clearly. Just someone trying to get in as well. And I have no clue if there will be more or less transfers. I would’ve thought less, but I think I could be wrong. Who knows, a lot of people are taking gap years.

Hi y’all. T-minus three months ahhh. How’s everyone feeling? Also are y’all going to submit old SAT/ACT scores even though they’re not required?

Hi everyone!! I am applying as well.

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hey! i’m applying too (:

i wont be submitting test scores!

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I’ll be submitting them! Any idea what scores would benefit the application vs what would hurt it?

yeaahh me neither

I really think the only time it’d benefit is if they’re really up there? I’m a sophomore rn so I think they’re pretty irrelevant and they don’t even correlate to my gpa lol. but ya know, I’m not an admission officer so I’m just making assumptions

Hi guys, I’m applying to Penn this year as well! I won’t be submitting my SAT scores because they are from more than five years ago and I haven’t retaken it since. Good luck to everyone. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone! I am applying to Penn transfer this year as well and would love if anyone could speculate on my chances. I applied ED last year, was deferred then denied.

My stats are below:

  • I currently attend a top 3 LAC
  • College GPA: 3.67 (had some extenuating circumstances with remote learning that I wrote about in the application’s additional info section)
  • SAT: 1520
  • High School GPA: 96
  • I am applying to CAS as a Creative Writing & Environmental Studies (concentrating in Law & Policy) double major with a Legal Studies minor (hoping to pursue environmental law in the future)
  • Research assistant to English professor on his ecopoetry book project, serving as a student representative on our college administration’s Sustainability Committee, on executive board of a creative writing group on campus, intern for local climate advocacy organization, accepted to Penn Law Mentorship program, writer for college newspaper
  • I think my essays are really good and I laid out very good reasons for why I feel like I want to transfer (mostly because there are not many cultural organizations/representation for me on this campus and I cannot pursue the specific major I want in relation to environmental law/policy here)

You have amazing stats! I wouldn’t be surprised if you got in

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There are clearly much much fewer people in almost every college transfer thread I have joined, but that doesn’t mean there are fewer transfers or it means easier for us to get in because there will probably fewer spots available too. (I don’t know whether students taking gap years will leave more spots or not)

Did anyone get their status portal emails yet? Asking for a friend :stuck_out_tongue:

My D did but it took about 24 hours.

What’s it about? I saw changes on the portal, but didn’t get an email.

Have your college reports been received yet? My college sent my report out a few days ago before the due date but my portal still says awaiting. Is anyone else having this issue, or is it just me.

i’m still waiting on my college report to be checked as well! but i bet they have a lot of docs to look over so i wouldnt worry. when i submitted they had my hs transcript but not my college one and just today they updated my college one so theyre definitely working on getting everything processed!!