UPenn Transfer Thread Fall 2021

Hi all! I haven’t seen a thread for this yet so I wanted to go ahead and start it. Excited to talk with you all about the upcoming transfer admissions cycle! <3

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Hi! Do you think 1450 is too low to apply as a transfer? I wanted to retake it but they cancelled nearly all the testing dates due to covid-19

And do you guys think UPenn will receive more or less transfers due to covid this year?

I honestly couldn’t tell you, I am not an admissions officer, clearly. Just someone trying to get in as well. And I have no clue if there will be more or less transfers. I would’ve thought less, but I think I could be wrong. Who knows, a lot of people are taking gap years.

Hi y’all. T-minus three months ahhh. How’s everyone feeling? Also are y’all going to submit old SAT/ACT scores even though they’re not required?

Hi everyone!! I am applying as well.

hey! i’m applying too (:

i wont be submitting test scores!

I’ll be submitting them! Any idea what scores would benefit the application vs what would hurt it?