UPenn vs Cornell

<p>UPenn and Cornell has similar academic reputation, admit selectivity, SAT sores, similar size. etc...</p>

<p>anyone choosing UPenn over Cornell ?</p>

<p>Are UPenn & Cornell easiest ivy to get into ?</p>

<p>Upenn is damn near impossible to get into. I would definitely choose it over Cornell also, but thats because I'm interested in business. Also, location of Penn is better.</p>

<p>If UPenn is nearly impossible to get into, then Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth are absolutely impossible to get into ?</p>

<p>i chose penn over cornell</p>

<p>my brother chose cornell over (not applying to) penn</p>


<p>To Mok
Yes, they are completely and utterly impossible to get into.</p>

<p>^Then how do people get into them every year?</p>

<p>I'm joking.</p>

<p>If I get into both I will chose Penn over Cornell</p>

<p>Penn can stand its ground against Cornell. It's probably weaker in the hard sciences, cump sci, etc., but makes up with wharton, which is a bit stronger than cornell's fledgling business program</p>

<p>there both very similar unless you want to go into business then choose Penn and if you want to go into engineering then go to cornell. If your not interested in either of these fields than it depends where would you rather be. Do you wanna go someplace in a major city or do you want to go to a more traditional campus.</p>

<p>Penn and Cornell are similar only on paper.</p>

<p>Yes they have the largest undergrad programs among the Ivies. Yes they are the (relatively speaking) easiest to get into. And they are the hardest to stay in. Both institutions have an academic scope and scale unrivaled anywhere in the League.</p>

<p>That's where the similarities stop. The feel and tenor of the institutions is quite different.</p>

<p>First - Academically, Penn is quite a bit stronger than Cornell in the social sciences, arts and humanities. Cornell dominates Penn in the hard sciences [but remember these are relatives statements; they are both among the top 15 in the country]. Penn has the #1 business and #1 nursing undergrad programs in the nation. Cornell dominates Penn in engineering. And Cornell has the #1 hotel mgmt, agriculture, etc programs which Penn doesn't even offer. But the strengths are very different</p>

<p>2 - Socially - big city vs rural area</p>

<p>3 - Penn is quite pre-professional, though the past and especially the current administration is trying hard to drive greater excellence in the humanities
and the intellectual side of things.</p>

<p>Cornell seems more divided - some preprof, some seriously focused on advanced research, many hard core techies/engineers.</p>

<p>4 - Both have strong athletic traditions, though is different sports.</p>

<p>5 - Penn is termed the social Ivy (for whatever that means)</p>

<p>6 - Penn is Red and Blue. Cornell is Big Red</p>

<p>7- Penn's winters aren't as intense...or so I've heard. I've only been one winter here, and I've heard it was pretty mild compared to other years. But I've heard winter at Cornell is nothing to scoff at.</p>

<p>you posted this in the Upenn section, what did you expect?</p>

<p>degans got a point. Try to post this question somewhere that would not be as biased</p>

<p>I went to Cornell and my sister went to Penn, so I think I have a good feel for this. I spent my HS days at Penn and had a ball visiting her. I thought I wanted Penn as well. Then I applied and visited Cornell and loved it!</p>

<p>Both schools have great academics and are very social. You cant go wrong with either. BUT...there is more campus life at Cornell (since there is no city close by) and it is MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE at UPenn. The lure of the city...restraurants, clubs etc. cost a lot more than local hangouts in Ithaca.</p>

<p>Both schools are great! If budget is an issue, go to Cornell.</p>

<p>actually, as i recall, with all tuition and fees considered, cornell is more expensive than penn.</p>

<p>but assuming you'd get the same financial aid from both schools (which you probably would, or could negotiate to get), it's unlikely to make a big difference in your consideration.</p>

<p>^ True but I think what Tallmom was trying to communicate is that at Penn if you like to have a good time and go out on the weekends expect to spend a lot of money at clubs, bars, restaurants etc. At Cornell most of the social life is frat parties or local bars and clubs where one can have a great time for $15. So overall a student will spend relatively the same amount of money for the 2 schools, and which school is more expensive will depend on how socially active you are. But if you are a NY State resident 3 of Cornell's undergrad colleges are only $19,000 tuition, which makes it much more affordable then Penn. In my mind Penn and Cornell are equally great and the only way for me to make my choice between the 2 is finances and for that reason I chose Cornell and I'm going to enter their freshman class of 2008. Go Big Red!</p>