UPenn's CGS Program

<p>I've done some research program and was looking for input from students that are already part of this. How are the classes, is it difficult, and will job recruiters definitely know the difference between the Upenn degree and your CGS degree? Do you take classes with the regular UPenn students?</p>

<p>Would you compare the CGS program more like the Harvard Extension or like the Columbia CGS?</p>


<p>I'm a regular student, but I'm currently taking my german 102 course under CGS ( due to scheduling reasons). So, CGS students do take courses with regular students. They are very good quality ( at least from my experience with this course). There was actually an article about this in the DP a while back I think.</p>

<p>Penn CGS is more like Columbia than HES in that you take the same classes with the same students (CGS students can, and often have to, take day courses) and get the exact same degree. The transcript, not the degree, will say CGS; employers would probably have no idea unless you mention it.</p>