UPitt or VCU essays that worked in past?

Hi all, is there any way to view UPitt/VCU essays that worked well in the prior years? Checked online and do not see it , appreciate any insight. Thanks

Just to clarify for potential students - No one should be posting their essays or sample essays in a public forum.

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Focus on writing an essay that: 1) tells something about yourself that is not elsewhere on your application; 2) gives admission officers a reason to want you on campus; and 3) is grammatically sound.

Start with an outline or draft. CC does offer essay proofreading when you are ready for that. But never post your own essay on the web.

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Pitt has a blog about essays that might be helpful to you: Admissions | University of Pittsburgh - College Application Essays

College vine has some old samples on line but in general, if you google “essays that worked” you’ll get a lot of hits. Johns Hopkins has a great site as well that has information that is useful for any school.


Thank you all