Upload a poem as supplement for arts and sciences

<p>Hi all!
I've applied ED to cornell's arts and sciences college. Intended major is Physics/chemistry and creative writing. I'm wondering if uploading a poem I wrote will help my chances. I wouldn't say that poem is excellent, but it's decent. Do you think it will help? The poem has a positive theme. </p>

<p>Creative writing isn’t a major offered; however, you can minor in it. I’m not sure if submitting a poetry supplement would help your chances a ton. What was your SAT writing score? How are your common app and supplemental essays?</p>

<p>Yeah. I too am leaning towards not submitting it. My writing score was 760. Essays are good. </p>

<p>Yeah with a high writing score and good essays, you don’t really need to further prove you’re good at writing. Just my take on it.</p>

<p>A poem will help you stand out! I say go for it. It is all about your individualism and what you can bring to the university. </p>

<p>If you said “My essay isn’t excellent but it’s decent”, my advice would be to write an excellent essay. </p>

<p>Now if you had an excellent poem – I guess I’d say that it’s a gutsy move. But I don’t recommend submitting anything that’s only decent. </p>

<p>Well, I can’t measure if my poem is decent or excellent objectively @zephyr15. I can only say that with my gut feeling…</p>

<p>If your gut feeling is that it’s only decent, I wouldn’t recommend submitting it.</p>