Upper Classmen Housing

<p>I was wondering if any of you veterans have any info on how likely it will be to get your preferred housing as a rising sophomore? I understand the Tiered process of choosing and the whole priority point thing, but since there are many choices including off campus how likely is it to get your first choice?(north central--on the green to be more specific). Is one area more popular than others? Wait, were we not just waiting for those decision letters!! </p>

<p>@Bzylizy, I"m curious about the same thing… when my D was a freshmen, they didn’t have the early bird thing but she had so many credits from AP courses and college courses she took in high school she had an advantage as she was also raising a dog for Seeing Eye. She automatically got her first choice… Ground floor of the towers. (Access needed to the outdoors for the dogs) As a result, this was never an issue for her. My son is in a whole other category, He just has fall semester credits and the early bird points… that’s it. From what I’ve seen with my D and my niece North Campus seems to be the big draw for Sophomores. Most of the kids I knew were hoping for the towers or other buildings North Campus. I know my son and his friends this year are hoping for them as well. My niece was in Dickenson last year and wanted the towers and she got it. My D did share that a few of her friends freshman year wanted the towers but ended up on the green and they were bummed about it. Another of the kids that live in my home town wanted the towers but ended up on Ray Street. I’m a bit concerned how it will all go this year with my son being quite low on the “pecking order” especially since there are so many triples… Hopefully quite a few sophomores will move off campus making more room in housing next year. </p>

<p>@Bzylizy‌ It’s a tad complicated to explain, but the points system works so that the students are given priority at certain times. The juniors first, then sophomores, then freshmen. The top choice for upper division students is typically north campus/laird campus, so the Independence complex and the christiana towers complex, and ray street. Next would be central green. Usually south central then north central. When they sign up, they or the “team captain” are able to physically place students in the rooms that they want to be in. For example, a group of 6 students that want to be in Independence together will “click” on the coordinating rooms and “bed spaces”. In previous years north central has been majority upper division honors students so if you are in the honors program it might be more likely, but I’m not 100% confident on that. Good luck!</p>