Upper Division Humanities|SocialSci. Requirement

<p>Sorry for yet another thread. I'm just panicking a bit because my course plans have changed the day before CalSO and I want to make sure I have a clear view of what courses I'm going to take first semester.</p>

<p>I was reading the College of Chemistry publication, and one of the course requirements said "as part of the 19 units, students are required to complete two courses, at least one being upper division, in the same or a very closely allied humanities or social science department. Advanced Placement credit may be linked with an upper division course to satisfy this requirement." So far, I have taken AP US history, AP micro economics, and AP US government. How would I find out which upper division courses(I just know the number is 100+) are allied with these subjects to take? And would it be a good idea to take these courses for the letter grade since I'm an incoming freshman?</p>