Upper Midwest Community Colleges with "dorms"?

<p>I have 2 nieces that need to get enrolled in a community college (or a 4 year school that accepts everyone). They live in Wisconsin and would not be comfortable going TOO far away from home but the immediate need is to get them into school. They would need on campus housing, apartment living, at least for the first year is out of the question for many very good reasons that I won't go into now. Basically they need a school that can teach them what they should have learned in high school but didn't. Any ideas?</p>

<p>I don't want to get into too many details because of privacy issues.</p>

<p>Do you need specific recommendations, or just a list? Here's what the CollegeMatchmaker comes up with for Wisconsin College</a> MatchMaker: Results I know there are several in Iowa as well, but the tuition might be excessive for them and the schools may be too far from home. Does the WI/MN tuition agreement extend to community colleges? If so, they would have options there as well.</p>

<p>Wishing you all the best as you help these girls out!</p>

<p>I was looking for specific recommendations I guess. I did a search and if you put in "housing available" many come up but they don't really have dorms. I don't know if the tuition agreement crosses state lines for CC's.</p>

<p>As for the costs, I guess it could go either way. These kids have no money so financial aid could cover the costs...or not.</p>

<p>I only know about Lincoln</a> College IL - Private Two Year College</p>