Upperclassmen Dorms on College Ave

<p>What are all the upperclassmen dorms on college ave? And which is the best?</p>

<p>I couldn't find a list on the housing website, which doesn't surprise me the slightest. But off the top of my head:</p>

<p>Strictly upperclassmen:
Hardenbergh, Hegeman, Leupp, Pell, Wessels</p>

<p>Mixed with freshmen:
Campbell, Frelinghuysen, Stonier, Demarest</p>

<p>Please correct me if I'm wrong about anything.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any experience or opinions of any of them?</p>

<p>I have a question. I'm an incoming freshman for the Class of 2016. I will be attending Rutgers in the fall.
I'm going to the School of Arts & Sciences for Communication/Media. If I enroll now, what are my chances of getting into the Stonier Residence Hall on College Ave?
I know it's pretty popular and fills up quickly.</p>

<p>Do not, under any circumstances, live in Hegeman Hall. It's a horrible place.</p>

<p>Why is Hegeman so bad?</p>