UPS Financial Aid

Hi all. My daughter was accepted to her No. 1 school UPS but of course it’s also the most expensive school she applied to. Financial aid offered is generous but with a $63K COA it still leaves over $18K out of pocket. That already includes $5,500 in student loans and $3,450 work study. We appealed bec our 2016 income was much higher than 2017 and did receive some more univ. need based $ and a pell grant. Compared to her other offers their offer yields a % of total COA similar to her other so but definitely not the lowest. Just wondering when you know they’ve given you all they can and/or do we keep going back asking for more $? I haven’t tried to play the “X Univ. gave her this much more $” card as I just feel kind of slimy playing that game and I’ve heard some schools are receptive to these comparisons but others aren’t. Any advice from others who applied to UPS?

I would not hesitate to play that game. I don’t think it’s slimy at all. The worst that happens is that UPS fails to match.