UPS lost our SAT Answer Sheets!!!

<p>So I'm one of the unfortunate few that still haven’t received their SAT scores from November. Today my guidance counselor contacted collegeboard to see if she could get our scores for us. As it turns out collegeboard never received our answer sheets. Collegeboard said they had contacted the testing site that I tested at and according to them they sent the answer sheets out UPS just how they were supposed to, so then collegeboard contacted UPS and after some searching they admitted to losing our SAT answer sheets. So now I don't know what I am going to do. I had taken my SAT II Math Level 2, and Bio E which I need for my application to Cornell. This was the first and only time I had planned on taking the tests so I did not sign up for November, and January will be too late to get Cornell my scores. My guidance counselor said she would send Cornell a letter explaining the situation, but do you really think that they will accept this? Well, I guess I’m just stress about this and needed to vent so thanks for your time. Any opinions would be appreciated.</p>

<p>Make CB let you take them for free in December.</p>

<p>It may come down to that. I guess the whole test center would get a retake, but collegeboard isn't seeming to cooperative in the whole situation. Who knows, hopefully I'll have more information tomorrow.</p>

<p>if its any consolation.... i have yet to receive my SAT scores... i too took it in november... dumb hurricane wilma made me change my test site... sigh.... i think ill be getting my PSAT scores before my SATs... the irony!!!!</p>