Upward Bound and impact on UC admissions

My daughter was an ELC top 9 percent and was accepted at UC San Diego, Davis and Riverside. My son who is an upcoming junior in high school is participating in the Upward Bound college residential program at Cal Poly Pomona. I don’t think he’ll have the kind of gpa that my daughter has. Im wondering if Upward Bound program is a plus for UC application.

Upward Bound is a very worthwhile program which gives participants the skills and encouragement to succeed in college to make them College Ready. Listing it on the college applications is a plus but it will not makeup for deficiencies in the academic areas such as GPA. It will enhance a college application but not replace important academic criteria in the application review.

For the UC’s and CSU’s it is considered: * Educational program participation in high school

As with any applicant, they should target schools the fit their stats/interest and not try to fit their stats to these schools.

Thank you. He really like Cal Poly and we’re locals too.

As a CPP alumni, so I am biased but it is a great option especially if your student is local so they get priority for admission.

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I know your son still has plenty of time before college applications, but you might find this useful for CPP.


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Thanks for the info. While our son is on a six weeks program at CPP right now, our daughter will be leaving in 3 weeks for the summer bridge at UCSD. We are not prepared for the kids leaving us so soon.

Having the kids leave is tough and it takes a while to get used to having an empty nest but the anticipation of them returning is something to look forward.

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Very true indeed.