upward trend and midyear report/demonstrating interest

<p>how important is the midyear report? i know most people ask this because they have a drop in grades, but I'm curious as to how it will affect a student, like me, with an upward trend. i know i cannot say for certain whether or not I will get good grades 1st semester senior year, but i will certainly try. i have a big upward trend and i really want rice to see that who i am now/senior year is how I will work in college. I will try my hardest to demonstrate this in other parts of my application but I would like to know how much weight the midyear report carries.</p>

<p>also, rice is on my list of top choices, it may even be #1 (I have not visited yet so I cannot say for sure). I would love to apply ED if I fall in love with the school when I visit, but I just cannot make that commitment because if the financial aid isn't enough, i am stuck. I know Rice likes demonstrated interest, and i have request information, emailed a professor, and I plan on interviewing/visiting, but i feel like these things pale in comparison to applying ED. I would like Rice to know that I intend on going to their school if admitted, so are there other ways to show interest/that I would love to go to their school?</p>

<p>anyone?? (10ch)</p>

<p>I think an upward trend is helpful, but it won’t make them overlook everything. If you only tried senior year that might make them think you were just lazy. I really depends on how bad your grades were before.</p>

<p>my grades were pretty bad freshman/half of sophomore year ( <4.0s) but since the second half of sophomore year I really picked up my grades (4.3, 4.4, and i’m projected to get a 4.57 this semester and hopefully senior year) i’m also taking a statistics course at a community over the summer if that adds anything to my grades</p>