Urgent- about CSS form

<p>I submitted my application for early decision a few days ago, and the school i'm applying to wants the Profile form by Nov 1st. However the form requires 2006 tax returns, which my parents do not yet have. What should I do about the 2006 entries in the form?</p>

<p>You provide estimates (based on best guess). Once your parents complete their tax forms for 2006 (encourage them to do as soon in Jan. as possible), you send those to the school. They give you an initial estimate, which may change depending on how close your parents were in their estimate.</p>

<p>send the 2005 returns
Thats cool with them</p>

<p>Do not send the 2005 returns to the school unless they ask for them. To complete the Profile now, you will use pay stubs and bank accounts year to date and from those estimate what the balance will be for the 2006 year. You want to be as close as possible...perhaps even aim a tad high (not a lot). We did this last year, and even with our best guess we aimed low...DD's finaid was adjusted DOWN at one school by $3000 (as a note, our estimate was not that much lower...don't kinow the reasoning there and that school would NOT discuss their finaid awards at all). So...be as close as you can be.</p>

<p>Just a note...call the college to see IF they want the 2005 tax forms. Policies vary considerably from school to school. some will want them...and others will not. Your finaid for 2007-08 will be based on your income and assets from 2006.</p>