URGENT: apartment info. needed, pls

<p>does anyone have suggestions of great apartments near vanderbilt for a grad student living alone? my niece is stressed as she's totally unfamiliar with the area and is looking for an apartment tomorrow/friday. she needs a safe place, but not too expensive. any info. would be greatly appreciated! thanks</p>

<p>University Square Condominum
Wesley Place
20 and Grand
Village at Vanderbilt
There is also an apartment complex up 21st street (only a few blocks away) called Centenial, used to be known as Gardens at Hillsboro.</p>

<p>Google map these, I've stayed at all these places or had good friends stay there. Hope it helps!</p>

<p>FYI, if expense is an issue, 20th and Grand, Wesley Place, and Village at Vanderbilt are VERY expensive, especially for a one-bedroom where you won't be splitting the expenses with a roommate. On the other hand, they're within walking distance to campus so you save on time and gas. </p>

<p>Slightly cheaper are Century Hillsboro, Stahlman Building (downtown just off 2nd Avenue), and the Grove (where I'm living next year, also as a first year grad student!), but they are a 5 minute (10 minutes in traffic) drive away.</p>

<p>If cost is a major issue, she's better off looking on Craigslist or the Vandy apartment search website for smaller complexes or houses to rent, which generally have lower prices.</p>

<p>D lived at The Grove one summer and it is a nice, safe place with good amenities.</p>

<p>thank you everyone! i love cc.</p>