URGENT: apartmt. info needed please

<p>my niece is going to grad school at vanderbilt and doesn't know the area at all. she is going to live in an apartment by herself, but she's stressed about where to look. safety and $ are concerns, of course. the closer to campus, the higher the rent. does anyone have suggestions, please? she's going tomorrow with her parents to check out areas. thanks so much!</p>

<p>This is a bit late, but The Village at Vanderbilt apartments are spectacular from what I've seen. The</a> Ultimate Hillsboro Village Living Experience - Village at Vanderbilt</p>

<p>I'm not sure what price range you're looking at, but those are in an amazingly convenient location. They're right next to campus (practically on campus, really), and super close to Hillsboro Village which has some fun restaurants and such. If she has a car, which I'm assuming she does, she could move further away, but I'd recommend staying on the West side of downtown Nashville. I believe there are some nice apartments on Elliston Place, which is also a very convenient location. Safety shouldn't be a problem at either of the places I mentioned, especially the Village @ Vandy.</p>