Urgent Application Question

<p>I'm filling out online and in the financial aid application, under student 2004 income, I checked the box yes I will complete a 2004 federal income tax return, but when I preview the PDF application, the box is unchecked and theres also a blank line in that section for student signature and date which is blank? Do you know what this is about/ what I should do?</p>

<p>OMg freakish i had the same problem...don't worry...i think it's just a PDF glitch...im gonna call them to double check.</p>

<p>Either way...if it's wrong, we are both screwed. =)</p>

<p>Well, I want to submit it now...I don't want to wait until monday to call. I clicked technical support and in the FAQ it had my PDF shows soem tihngs blank that I answered, and the answer was sometimes in PDF it doesnt show up somethings, but don't worry- if its properly saved into your data, they'll see it.</p>

<p>Does that mean Columbia knows if you are applying for Financial Aid before they make a decision?</p>

<p>they have to know. you have to click yes on application part I. and submit financial aid application by ur deadline ( nov. 1st or jan 3rd.) They give you your financial aid package with acceptance</p>

<p>Good... I thought they did not know before the decision is made...</p>

<p>When you say online, do you mean filling it out over the internet, or editing a pdf and sending it via mail?</p>

<p>filling it out over the internet</p>

<p>omg i just rememebered something, the Columbia interviewer i spoke with yesterday told me that if your fin-aid papers doesn't check out, as in you forgot to mail them some of the papers/forms, they don't even LOOK at your application...Just a reminder for everyone to check up his or her fin-aid apps status on their site.</p>