****URGENT**** Case Western Reserve University vs University of Arizona

I just got off the waitlist at Case Western and I received a 25K scholarship. I plan to study biology and later on go to medical school and then become a psychiatrist. I have not done much research about opportunities for pre-med students at Case Western, but I know that is a very prestigious program for premed intended students.
If I go in-state to the University of Arizona, I will be paying about 15K for housing. But, if I go to Case Western, I will be paying about 53K a year to go. What’s the best decision for a pre-med student? I have until TOMORROW to decide!!!

Go to UA and save the money for med school. That’s a big cost difference and medical school can be expensive. UA has a good reputation and I hear it is a top research school for bio. CWRU is a great school, but not enough to justify the debt if it is not your end game.

Edit: Full disclosure; I say this as the parent of a senior who passed up prestigious private schools ($$$) to take a full ride at a large state U ($0).

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Yes, save the money. Med schools just care about your GPA and MCAT, they don’t care about the prestige of the undergrad school. And you don’t need to major in “pre-med”, you can major in anything as long as you get the med school pre-reqs covered.