Urgent: Deadlines for scores received

<p>Hello CC,</p>

<p>Very important question in search of answers!</p>

<p>-I took my SAT Reasoning Test in October and Math II test in December and got my scores back on December 22nd.
-I ordered an official score report for 3 schools which included the Reasoning Test and the December subject test on November 25th, 2011.
-The DEADLINE to receive the scores from one of the schools I applied (UC Irvine) is December 31st, 2011.
-My scores still have not been received from college board to any of the schools. I am worried now because the deadline is approaching and I tried calling college board and they claim there on "holiday" break, not specifying any time when they will return.
-I sent them an email yesterday but still have not heard back and am afraid no one will return my email in time or send my scores in time before the 31st deadline.</p>

<p>--CC, what should I do now? Advice and tips appreciated.</p>

<p>Did you seriously expect a response email from College Board on Christmas!!!?? And, today is the bank/post office version of the holiday since Christmas was on a Sunday, so no business offices are even open until the 27th.</p>