URGENT - did not pay yet

i just realized now that i did not pay for boston college
its because i handed in my supp and commonapp way earlier than the RD deadline. so sososososoososo stupidly, i thought that i already paid as well UGH!!
I paid NOW (Jan 3rd 2010, about 6:10 AM EST Time). Should i call AND email them if im safe???</p>

<p>"All Freshman applicants should fill out and submit the Boston College Supplemental Application for Freshman Admission as soon as they know they will apply. The Common Application must be completed and submitted by January 1, 2010. Please remember that January 1st is a deadline, not a due date. In other words, January 1st is the last possible date we will accept your credentials. We strongly recommend that students submit their completed applications before January 1st."</p>

<p>"It is the applicants' responsibility to see that all admission application materials are received by the Office of Undergraduate Admission no later than January 1, 2010"</p>

<p>You can try calling them, but honestly, don't be surprised if you are screwed. The literature about deadlines is all on the website.</p>

<p>Because it's just a payment and the rest of your app was in much earlier I would call tomorrow. The school, in my opinion, is very understanding.</p>