URGENT Don't know where I sent them!

<p>I'm just now getting around to my RD apps, and I either never received a score report for my last taken SAT II or I misplaced it. Either way, I don't know which 4 colleges I sent my complete score "package" too, and I need to send all my scores now</p>

<p>How can I find out which schools I have already sent my scores to?</p>

<p>If you call up College Board, they can give you that information. There is a brief summary on your online account but this doesn't indicate which particular score report from what date was sent where -- it merely gives the names of all colleges that have received any score report. However, if you call them, they can give you the more detailed information.</p>

<p>k sounds good</p>

<p>I love talking to collegeboard machines</p>

<p>The "college board machines" gave me all the info regarding my sent scores. What more can you ask for?</p>