Urgent--- Drop out and apply as a freshman

<p>Is it possible to enroll at a college abroad and drop out after studying for a semester because I want to apply as a freshman to colleges in USA? I guess it is possible, but how will the colleges I apply to perceive of this? </p>

<p>Please take into mind that the college is offering me a sufficient financial aid package and I have nowhere else to go due to financial problems. Also, to tell in advance for people who might suggest me to give that college a chance, I can't graduate from there.</p>

<p>Thank you everyone!!!</p>

<p>How many credits you take fall semester will be the factor in whether you would be able to apply as a freshman or as a transfer. For specifics, ask the colleges that you're considering transferring to. Do not consider trying to hide the fact that you attended college abroad. That could get you rejected by colleges that you want to transfer to or they could kick you out if they learn after accepting you.</p>


<p>Will this have an effect on my application to any certain degree? I fear that, if it does, it will have an adverse effect but I am not sure..</p>

<p>Each college and university sets its own policy on who must apply as a Freshman applicant and who must apply as a Transfer applicant. You need to contact each institution separately and ask how many credits you can take and still be considered a Freshman. </p>

<p>Wishing you all the best.</p>