Urgent: Ed application status!

<p>I sent in all my ed agreeement,supplement, common app.
But i just got an email today saying this:</p>

<p>According to the Common Application, you designated Northwestern as the university to which you would apply Early Decision. As of today, we have not received your application.</p>

<p>If your plans have changed, there is no need to contact us. However, should you still plan to submit your Early Decision application, please submit online and/or postmark your application no later than Monday, November 7.</p>

<p>We thank you for your interest in Northwestern and look forward to receiving your application.</p>


<p>The Office of Undergraduate Admission
Northwestern University</p>

IS THIS JUST A System lag?
i really need some advice right now...</p>


<p>on common app website, it says application "downloaded by college" already?!</p>

<p>cmon guys i really need help on this....</p>

<p>There are many reasons to post on this board. This is NOT one of them.</p>

<p>You should be on the phone with Admissions, as they are the only ones who can answer your questions and/or provide a solution.</p>

<p>Agree. Why are you relying on this board? Call Admissions ASAP and get assurance from a live person. It doesn't matter what we on this board "think" might be going on.</p>