Urgent Ethnicity Question Please Help!

<p>I am applying Early Decision, and have been filling out the common app section on ethnicity. I am 50% Italian, and given this background I have always identified myself using the European definition of Latino. I have also heard the definition of the term used something akin to "A person whose native tongue is one descended from Latin, such as a Spaniard or Italian." I know that this is how I self-identify and that it has a basis, but is the adcom going to think I'm trying to game their system? Is this straying way too far from the stereotypical American conception of Latino? </p>

<p>Thanks for any input!</p>

<p>^^ nevermind, i've decided to play it on the safe side...</p>

<p>You may have been technically accurate, but in popular usage, Latino does not mean Italian.</p>

<p>No, he's not even technically correct. Just because it has the root 'Latin' does not make it a descriptor of everything Latin in origin. The word is defined by its use, and it's used to refer to people of Latin-American or Hispanic descent. And in Europe, people use the term 'Latin'--not 'Latino'--to refer Italians/Spaniards. If you ever call yourself Latino, you're being completely dishonest. It's outright deceitful.</p>