*URGENT*Getting High Score on SAT's

<p>Im a rising junior in High school that needs to start studying for the SAT's. I took the PSAT last year for the 2nd time after taking it in 8th grade and my scroes were pretty Low.
CR: 490

<p>I need to increse my total score to aroung the 2000's to insure me a spot into the colleges I want to got to. I was wondering what tips you guys have to increse my score by 600 points. The easiest subject to increse for me will be Math and writing. In those I mad simple mistakes and when I went back and went over most problems on line with ease I was able to ge them right. Any Books? any Tips on how to go about answering questions? Is the test really like a formula you have to learn to understand? Any topics I should study that are guarenteed to be on the test? Any help Is much needed? Thank You</p>