Urgent Help My Penn Brothers!

<p>Hey. if any of you californias or others are applying to UC’s, particularly UCSD…how did you rank the 6 UCSD colleges?? Which are best for business? I’m submittting my app soon and I don’t know how to rank these stupid UCSD colleges!</p>

<p>oh..brothers..and sisters =P</p>

<p>completely misunderstood the question haha my bad its late</p>

<p>hahah it's a bit late. UC gateways usually floods day before deadline
hope this reaches you in time (from advice of UCSD students)</p>

John Muir:1, Thurgood Marshall:2, Earl Warren:3, Revelle:4, Eleanor Roosevelt:5, Sixth College:6</p>

<p>that's yours? and you're doing business right?</p>

<p>unfortunately not. that's the rankings of an engineer.
well not entirely, also based on distance from center of campus and quality of cafeteria food</p>

<p>there's not much of a business undergrad.
i would do something more engineer related then pursue business for grad. if you are ill-fated and destined to be at UCSD. which hopefully none of us will have to go through. best of luck to get into penn</p>

<p>bah yes...hopefully I don't have to go to UCSD. omg. 30 minutes from home...it'd be like HIGH SCHOOL. i'm only applying cuz my parents want me to plus its a decent safety.</p>

<p>yeah if u end up newhere but penn do engineering probably first, it's good for business later (well. depending wht kind of 'business' u wanna go into)</p>

<p>well berk and la have biz programsssss so yeeh.</p>

<p>k submitted my UC apps~ yay. $220..man....</p>