*urgent help needed!* pseo help.

<p>Hello everyone! I need someone to give me answers. So, in May last school year, I signed up for a PSEO course and, little did I know, I would be taking it totally online or at a community college. I thought it was a course taught by my high school teacher for college credit. I was SOOOO upset and told my guidance counselor that I changed my mind and didn't want to do it anymore and she said that it was okay. Then, now, a week before school, I find out that she didn't cancel it. So, I have to go down to the community college and drop the class before it starts. The reason that I did this is because (1) I don't like online courses and want to be in an interactive classroom and (2) I DO NOT WANT PARTIAL CREDIT FROM A COMMUNITY COLLEGE IF I AM GOING TO PRINCETON OR YALE OR ANOTHER IVY!!!!!!!!!! Someone please tell me if dropping out of this PSEO class (before it even begins) will affect me in any way. When I get my college diploma, will I have "COMMUNITY COLLEGE NAME HERE AND YALE PROVIDE SO AND SO'S NAME WITH A CERTIFICATE OF BUSINESS?" Also, will the colleges I apply to be able to see this, that I signed up and dropped out before anything even began?? I do not want any affiliation with a community college at all! On my transcript, NOTHING! I am so devastated because I feel like I've worked so hard my whole life in getting a degree from YALE UNIVERSITY (that's it) and don't even want the slightest idea of a community college class dropout before the class even began to ruin all I've worked for. Yes, I might have a slight case of OCD, but it's who I am. Please, someone provide me with some good information to calm my poor soul. I take school and college very very very very seriously and this is a huge deal to me if I am going to such an exclusive school and don't want it ruined by a stupid thing I didn't even know I was doing. I feel helpless, someone please help......I'm so desperate.</p>

<p>Come on people, write something! Anything!</p>

<p>As far as I know, if its during/before add/drop week(or however long it is) then it wont be anywhere near your record. =)
GL @ Yale btw!</p>