Urgent Help Needed

<p>Hi guys. I just finished(2012) my Electronic Engineering Bachelors with a CGPA of 2.82 from a university that ranks in the top 250 in the world in terms of technology schools. I want to do masters in Computer Engineering from USA. I have one publication in an IEEE Class A Tier 2 conference.My GRE score is, Quantitative(MATH) 162 and Qualitative(English) 145 and my TOEFL score is 100. I desperately need help in selecting schools in which i, at all, have a chance. Please tell me where i should apply and whether i have a small chance in a good school.</p>


<p>Nobody does "chances" for graduate school. You should talk with your professors. A 2.8 is marginal for graduate admissions and you will have to aim your sights fairly low.</p>

<p>Well i know that my cgpa is very low. But you see thats why i'm asking that which universities should i aim for,any suggestions.Another question,does a publication help with admissions?</p>

<p>Publications do help.</p>

<p>Nobody here knows what schools are the right fit for you. You need to do your own research and talk with your professors. Google around to find program Web sites - they will virtually always have a page discussing admissions requirements.</p>

<p>^Seconding this. This forum works best when people come asking specific questions about applying to school and/or particular issues they may have - but we can't do your research for you. Finding graduate schools to apply to is the most basic part of the process and you need to do that on your own, with assistance from your professors and colleagues.</p>