Urgent Help needed

<p>Hello every1,</p>

<p>I need your help regarding applying to colleges in NY. I want to know if the deadlines are still open for good colleges for fall of 2010 (part of class of 2014). I know its too late. But still i wanna give it a shot. My combined SAT 1 score is 2230 (1430). SAT 2: M1-800, M2-800 and Physics-770. Toefl-111. Straight As in high school ( including a world and a regional distinction). Good ECs. I am an international student. Finances wont be a problem. I ll reapply next year to top-tier schools as a transfer applicant. Which schools would be appropriate for transferring purpose?</p>

<p>Thank you very much.</p>

<p>Many SUNY's have rolling admissions. If there is still room, you might have a shot.</p>

<p>SUNY:</a> Complete Campus List</p>

<p>A few weeks have passed, so hopefully the OP was able to get an application in. According to the NACAC Space Availability survey, only Buff State and Brockport have space available for freshmen at this point (and Buff says "limited").
As I remember, the SUNY site above will give you admissions status if you put in a program/campus. Btw, answer No to the EOP question as it only applies to residents.</p>

<p>Space</a> Availability Survey Results 2010</p>