Urgent housing question (freshman housing offer rescinded)

@10s4life, I am wondering if you can help me - my son is starting at UCLA as a freshman in September. He was assigned to Hedrick Hall, accepted his housing offer, and has been interfacing with UCLA through MyUCLA (signing up for orientation in July, uploading all insurance, immunization, Bruin Card, etc etc). There have been no notifications on his dashboard or any notices through MyUCLA about housing payments. He looked at his old
Email account this morning and was shocked to see a housing cancellation notice that was sent in late May. It says his housing offer was rescinded because he had not paid the deposit and that he could put his name on a waitlist for housing. There were no emails leading up to that.

Of course, he will contact the housing office first thing tomorrow to see if there is anything he can do. Without on campus housing, it is unlikely he would attend UCLA. That would, obviously, be a pretty huge glitch in his life.

Do you have any sense of how likely it is that he will be able to get off the waitlist in this situation?

Thanks in advance!

By deposit do you mean the roughly $200ish payment?

I’m sorry to hear about the rescinded offer. I would call first thing and explain that it was sent to an old email that isn’t used and try and get the housing offer back. In terms of the waitlist as a freshman it is likely to get a spot in a classic triple in Hedrick again since there is bound to be cancellations. Feel free to PM me and we can talk a little more in depth about it.

@10s4life , thanks for your response!! He resubmitted the application yesterday and talked to the housing
Office and they said he should be fine, although he won’t find out his assignment
Until July after the transfers are assigned. As long as he has housing, we are happy!!

@pickledginger Awesome! Glad it got taken care of. Hope your son enjoys his summer. Orientation is right around the corner!