URGENT: I forgot to add an online course to my UC application. What do I do?

I’m really stressed out about this. I took one semester of AP Stats at ALVS concurrently with my local high school classes. I got an A, but I totally forgot to add it to my application.

I did not receive high school credit, so I’m still not sure if I was supposed to add it or not. It’s not on my high school transcript, but I will need to send in my separate transcript because I took another course at the same ALVS online school.

What do I do? Do UCs need courses that weren’t taken for high school credit? Or should I email the individual campuses with this information?

Thank you so much for your time and help, guys.

AP Stats is considered an a-g course and does need to listed on your UC application. You can email UC General admissions about the omission but their response has been to wait until you get your UC student portal information and try to update through the portals. If this is not possible, then email UC admissions at each campus to make the correction.

Thank you so much for your response. I think I’ll have to email each campus.

Will this reflect badly on me? Will this negatively impact college admission decisions?

No it will not impact your chances. Everyone is human and mistakes happen. As long as you get an acknowledgement that the campuses have made the correction, you wil be fine. Just keep any documentation you receive back from the campuses.

Yes, do make sure you contact your campuses to include it. It will count towards your GPA.

How did you enjoy ALVS? My daughter is thinking of taking Stats online over the summer so she can take another AP she likes better at her school instead. Does it have a lot of work? How is the platform and the teaching?

Hm… Stats is definitely one of the best courses to take online. However, while ALVS is definitely a great school in general, I didn’t really like it for stats. It’s really good at covering a lot of info, but it didn’t teach me any of the shortcuts for the AP test that I’m learning right now.

However, I don’t have any other online school to compare ALVS to. It is a pretty decent option if you can’t find another school. There’s also like a date where she can get a refund for the class and drop out without it being on her transcript if she doesn’t like it.

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Thank you so much for your feedback. Is the fact that it didn’t teach shortcuts for the exam the only criticism? Do you think it was comparable to other ALVS courses you have taken in terms of teaching quality and work load?

Workload was similar to that of the Mathematics II course I also took at ALVS. Teachers are pretty hands-off unless one asks them specific questions, so it’s up to the individual student to get help and go through the work. Deadlines were pretty easy to meet. I took the class during my first year of high school, so it was pretty rough for me to handle the courseload (why I only took first semester), but I definitely think it’d be doable over the summer. Depends on what ECs she’s doing over the summer.

The advantage of ALVS is that so many students have used it, so it’s easy to find help or advice online too.

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