Urgent: Mid Year Report Question

Does anybody know if the Common App mid year reports allow counselors to write additional information? Is there like a section for that?

I’m asking because I have a noticeable dip in my transcripts during my junior year (due to certain circumstances) and I forgot to have my counselor mention that in his recommendation letter. So I was wondering if there’s a section for additional information on the mid year report so my counselor talk about my grade dip?

u can ask you counselor make a PDF, put the transcript in the first page and what u wanna him to say in the second page

You can google the pdf of the mid-year report to see the actual form that is used. Not sure if this link will show it here:

The form includes “do you wish to update your original evaluation of this applicant” and “please attach an explanation”.

Your counselor could use check Yes and use this to attach an explanation of the situation, even if it doesn’t technically change the “original evaluation”.

If not, an email each admissions office should work.