Urgent! Need advice on applications

So I am at a big dilemma, I don’t know if I should gamble and apply REA to either Harvard or Yale, or if I should use my EA on both Georgetown and UChicago

Potential Major: Political Science/History

My stats:
3.8 GPA Weighted
-4.33 GPA Weighted Junior
-4.8 GPA Weighted 1st Quarter Senior
(My freshman/sophomore gpa weren’t the best)
-No Class Rank (my school doesn’t rank)

1520 SAT
-Going to take it again in November because I have 1560+ Potential
-Taking Subject Tests in December (Math II & US History)

AP Tests:
5 AP European History
5 AP US Government & Politics
5 AP Computer Science A
4 AP US History

Central New Jersey
Public High School
Race: Indian (ignore my profile name I picked a random name)

Public Relations Officer for History Club
Won a award at a Model UN conference
Social Studies Honor Society
AP Scholar with Honor
Interned for 4 Political Campaigns this year
Worked as a field organizer for a Senate Campaign

I didn’t play basketball or football in high school but I plan to tryout for the varsity team for the college I commit too, idk if this is relevant but it could be

Deadlines are in 7 days so I need to make a decision now, I am almost done with the essays for all schools but.

What is your unweighted GPA, and what is your unweighted GPA for each year of high school?

Harvard seems like a super high reach with a 3.8 weighted GPA, even with a strong uptrend. Being ORM will not help you at Harvard. Georgetown and UChicago also seem like reaches.

I am thinking that you might want to apply EA to Georgetown and UChicago and also to Rutgers since you are in-state.

You definitely need to pay attention to safeties.

I think you should maybe EA to schools like Case Western, Penn State, Georgia Tech, UMiami, University of Virginia, UNC Chapel Hill and then EA to one bigger school like UMich or Georgetown.