Urgent need answered before tomorrow!

<p>ok so i'm taking US History and Math II tomorrow but I'm worried that I won't do well on Math II because Math isn't my best subject (AT ALL). It's also the only time I can take subject tests because I'm applying ED to Duke and need to take the regular SAT in October soo I can't retake this. With that said, should I take Math I also just in case or does that just look awful to Duke admins?</p>

<p>If you're applying to a school like Duke... I really wouldn't take Math II if you think you're going to get below a 650, especially below a 600. If you can get higher than a 650 on Math 1 but score under 600 on the Math II, obviously you should take Math I. How high do you think you can get on Math II?</p>

<p>(also this is in the wrong forum). Haha. This should be in SAT/ACT, not in College Admissions.</p>

<p>Well, what have you gotten on the math portion of the regular SAT? If you score 650 or higher on that then I think you'll be find on Math II. ANd if you are in Pre-Calc or higher, you'll do alright on Math II. I really don't think it would look that good to a college like Duke to only take Math I. Many top tier colleges specifically say that if you are going to take Math, you must take Math II. And if you are applying to Pratt, then you REALLY need to take Math II. Just my opinion though.</p>

<p>If you plan to apply to any of the University of California schools, they will not accept Math I.</p>

<p><a href="also%20this%20is%20in%20the%20wrong%20forum">quote</a>. Haha. This should be in SAT/ACT, not in College Admissions.


<p>This is the correct forum because the OPs question has to do with the impact of their Subject test on college admissions. The SAT & ACT forums are for Preparation.</p>