URGENT! Please help me on my interview!

<p>this is really really urgent as i'm having my interview on friday! i only got the exact date and time of the appointment today because i live in singapore and the admissions officer just arrived in the country. i have lots of questions to ask!
1. what should i wear? it'll be in a hotel lobby, the interviewer is a man(uhh...does it make a difference?), singapore is a tropical country and i don't have much dressy clothes.
2. how should i prepare? i don't have any experience at all. it'll be my first college interview. and all my friends around me don't have this kind of experience either.
3. how should i behave? as in my manners and all. are there anything i should pay special attention to?
thank you so so much!!</p>

<li>semi-formal. A white collar shirt and dark-coloured/khaki knee-length skirt or trousers should do. Formal, polished shoes. i'm also from a tropical country ;)</li>
<li> don't prepare too much because the interviewer will notice and you don't want to sound false or pretentious. Your answers should be natural.</li>
<li> Good behaviour, only speak when asked and don't just answer yes or no, ELABORATE. Listen attentively, good eye contact is very important.</li>

<p>good luck.</p>

<p>And also, relax, don't be nervous, talk slowly, take a short pause to think about what you say before you speak, smile... I know it's hard to, but just think that it will be easier to make a mistake if you are nervous.</p>

<p>I have not been in Singapore, but am guessing it is a reasonably formal place. Thus, I suggest that you wear business attire. One can never go wrong at an interview by dressing too formally. By dressing formally, you seem prepared and serious about the experience. If the interviewer happens to be dressed less formally, that is OK because the interviewer is in the power position, so possibly may dress down to make you feel more comfortable.</p>

<p>As for preparing for the interview, my advice is to go to the college's web page and read over information about the college.Go to the inteview prepared to talk about yourself, things that you could add to the college. Also be prepared to ask questions about the college -- questions that are not answered on the college's web page. Make sure those questions are likely to be ones that an alumni interviewer can answer (if an alum will be interviewering you).</p>

<p>Remember, the alumni interviewer is not an adcom, so will not have lots of detailed info about current life on the campus (though adcoms could be expected to know such things). Alumni can, however, be good at talking about how the college differs from others and how the college experience can impact one's life.</p>

<p>chill out
call and ask about attire, my last interview was super casual</p>

<p>well don't be kiasu and over prepare. be natural, friendly, humorous and RELAX.</p>

<p>no biggie. you just talk ;)</p>

<p>hehe...thanks all. i've ironed my clothes so i think i'm pretty prepared. but i just don't really know what to ask. they say that you better not ask anything that was already explained on the college website. but i really have no time to go over everything thoroughly.
oh well. shall update everyone tomorrow.</p>