Urgent - please help!

<p>I a freshman at a "Public Ivy" and i'm not happy here. I REALLY REALLY want to play D1 college baseball. I have been talking to several coaches, and the coach at Lehigh University is very interested. I am not sure if I want to go there because I have been reading up on it, and how many people to do not like it there because of the rich, white, alcoholic environment which is much like the school I am currently at. The coach is interested in having me transfer for the spring semester in order to play this year, but if I do this I will not have a chance to apply to my top schools.</p>

<p>My top schools include:
The coaches at these schools expressed that I would have a good shot at playing there, but are unable to assist transfers with admission.</p>

<p>My stats:
3.7 Weighted HS GPA
4.00 College GPA (17 Credits)
ACT 31 (I'm taking it again in a month - If not good enough, what is?)
Eagle Scout
Got award for Youth Volunteer of the Year in my hometown from major society
Jobs and community service all summers in HS
College Democrats
Habitat for Humanity Club
College Club Baseball Team
College Club Rowing Team</p>

<p>I do not have much time as the decision has to be made very soon. </p>


<p>I don't believe there is a public college on earth that is as rich and white as every school on this list. So if that really bothers you, rethink all of them. Chances of getting into your list as a transfer is remote, you may want to take the bird in hand.</p>

<p>i'm not exactly sure where this data comes from, but i've been told by a student and a professor that the student's families at the school I'm at have the highest average income of any school in the nation ($250,000) and the school consists of 15,000 kids. My family isn't poor either, but I don't let my wallet affect my personality unlike many of the kids that surround. I'm in need of a school with other students who will contribute to my growth intellectually both in and out of the classroom.</p>

<p>They're wrong, there's no public college with the type of wealth of the top privates.</p>

<p>well if you transfer to lehigh you cannot play until spring of '10. If you transfer to anyone of those other schools you would not be able to play until fall of '10 - meaning that you would be junior and playing for only 2 seasons unless you decided to play as a fifth year senior also.... regardless... there is no public school aside from maybe, maybe, Miami Ohio which could come close to that ideology that you are talking about, no matter where you go you are going to find those people. even Podunk U will have them. So just suck it up. If you don't want to go to lehigh, then don't. I turned down a rowing scholarship bc i didn't want to go there, but not b/c of the people.</p>

<p>Yes Dartmouth, Brown, Yale, and GT will have the academic rigor that you want... but you also are going to have more of the "snobby rich kids" that you are talking about. It is an inevitable thing.... </p>

<p>Yale will be a far reach - with something on the lines of a 2% acceptance rate your chances are very slim - i applied to transfer there last year with a 4.0 and was recruit for rowing, the coach had some pull - given rowing is one of their top sports, and i was ranked top 20 in the nation - and i was rejected.... got into GT last year but didn't go b/c the only housing i could find was redic as far as pricing goes...</p>

<p>what school are you coming from? not many publics out there under 15000 which are public ivies
ie william and mary or u of vermont</p>

<p>"regardless... there is no public school aside from maybe, maybe, Miami Ohio which could come close to that ideology that you are talking about"
- That was quite an impressive guess snwrider2007

<p>thats very possible, but i was hoping the college i attend would be more open minded and more aware of what's going outside of the university. </p>

<p>For example, most of the campus would bash Obama, but before the election the only arguement that anyone ever made against him was how they were going to lose so much money to his new tax plan even though they don't even work, even though there rich parents will still have enough to get by and much more.</p>

<p>Why do you say I can't play until 2010? I am not currently on a baseball team so I don't think I have to wait. The coach has told me that I will be able to play this spring.</p>

<p>NCAA rules stipulate that with transfers they have to sit out an entire season from the time they are admitted into the institution. i had to go over all of this with yale and numerous stuff when i was coming out of HS. It's a pain in the ass, but the main reason is to limit the reason you are transferring... recruitment from other schools. </p>

<p>And yes people tend to be closed minded about politics. B/c they don't understand it. - GT, Y, D, and B are going to have the same students in greater or fewer numbers... it all depends who you surround yourself with.</p>

<p>Notre Dame, UC-Berkley, USC, Umich, Harvard, oxford, Tulane, LSU, Texas, NW, NE, etc, etc. they all have these students - your going to find them everywhere.</p>

<p>sounds like a UVirginia student to me.</p>

My top schools include:


<p>Did you apply to any of these schools last year, if so, what were your results? I wouldn't expect a big difference as a freshman transfer as you will be assess heavily on your HS record and test scores.</p>

<p>Now i am not defending the kids that act like that... I grew up in an environment surrounded by it. Seeing range rovers, bmw m series and decked out denali's in my HS packing lot was cool but the kids tend to be total jerks. sure i bet the kids are arrogant but whatever... that is all they have known and it's the parents you blame not the kids. My neighbors had the President over the other day (bush) and those kids drive new cars... but they are teen cars - like a kia or chevy malibu.... not some 100K car... and they are the most chill girls i know. One goes to harvard the other to Umich... so just depends on the people you surround yourself with.</p>