urgent potato salad question!!

<p>I made a potato and egg salad with mayo and Dijon mustard and WAAAY too much salt. I borrowed more potatoes from a neighbor to try to dilute it but they only had a few and I don't have time to run to a store. So I'm cooking up those few, but also some sweet potatoes. Can I put those in this kind of salad? Well, I know I can, but will it taste good? Help, help, help!</p>

<p>I think sweet potato could be inspired - the sweet will help cut the salt.</p>

<p>Thanks--I did just google and find one recipe that uses both...with the eggs, mayo and Dijon. But of course one can find anything on the internet.</p>

<p>I'd say no. I love that basic mayo/mustard salad and sweet potatoes will not compliment it IMO. I'm guessing the salt will mellow as it chills.</p>

<p>How about some sweet pickle juice, or sweet relish...for some more sweet to (perhaps) offset the salt. I use pickle juice in potato salad all the time.</p>

<p>I cooked up the regular potatoes I extorted from my neighbors--actually we bartered--and the sweet potatoes, but I'm keeping them on the side (the sweet ones) and asking people to experiment. I'll report back.</p>

<p>cross-posted with JustaMom. I do have sweet pickle relish and will bring it along.</p>

<p>I'll be more careful with salt in the future!</p>

<p>I don't have any words of wisdom-- just LOL
ed at the thread-- an emergency potato salad thread!! Too funny! CC to the rescue!</p>

<p>Actually-- would a little red wine vinegar help cut the salt??</p>

<p>The potatoes I got from my neighbor were enough to dilute the salt. I added more celery and some sour cream. I kept the sweet potatoes on the side. Thanks for all input!</p>

<p>The sour cream was a good idea. More pickle juice wouldn't have help cut the taste of the extra salt, IMO. By the way, next time try using sea salt or Kosher salt instead of typical supermarket "table salt" (i.e. Morton's or Diamond, etc.). Those products are pure salt with no additives, thus you can use less.</p>

<p>I did use sea salt, Hains, though I got it in the supermarket.</p>

<p>You can always use a little sweetener to balance out the salt. I use a little maple syrup sometimes in dressing (including for potato salad), and it's really good, provided you use enough salt and vinegar.</p>

<p>Wow--I never thought of maple syrup, even though I live in VT and we put it in almost everything!</p>