urgent question about Letters of Rec


<p>If you could give a tip on this, I'd really appreciate it.</p>

<p>So this is what Harvard has of mine in the way of letters right now:
1. guidance letter (1 page)
2. letter from NP Advsior/12th Grade Eng. Teacher (1.8 pages)
3. letter from NHS Advisor/10th grade AP History teacher (1.2 Pages)
4. letter from my mentor from Columbia scholastic press association (1 page)</p>

<p>I've seen the last 2 of those letters and they are very good - the 10th grade teacher focusing on compassion, desire to make things better, humor and dramatic performing style with a desire for higher learning and questioning things, unselfish.</p>

<p>The last one talks about my story building up our high school's newspaper and describes my passions for journalism and putting teams together and communication. It's by the president on the Columbia Press Association's advisors committee.</p>

<p>The 1st one I have no idea about, but one thing in it said something along the lines of, If I had an idea, I'd give it to him and ask him to be my CEO. :~!</p>

<p>The second one I also haven't read, but he's the teacher closest to me and has been with me every step of the way with newspaper, and also talks about humor and raising the level of thinking in others through leading by example, I think it includes superlatives.</p>

<p>My question for those who have experience or insight into the process is this:
My 10th Grade English teacher, who knows me more than any other teacher, wrote a letter for me and read it to me. It really covers everything and is special because it includes many examples and anecdotes and touches on desire to learn, creativity, and leadership. It's very specific, but it goes on for 2 pages (kind of like this post).</p>

<p>Would it hurt to send this additional recommendation? I'm already 1 over the recommended number of 2 teachers and 1 counselor. This one though really feels like it captures a lot and may leave an impression if its read.</p>

<p>What should I do? Should I send it now? Should I wait and send it later? Should I just hope for the best and not use it in this particular application?</p>

<p>Thanks so much in advance. If anyone else has specific questions about recommendations, I'd be happy to help you out as best I can, so just let me know.</p>