Urgent question - Summer Fin Aid.

<p>For UCSB </p>

<p>I'm leaving for ROTC training tonight and won't be able to deal with any of the university stuff.
I'm taking summer at my cc and then after that is over summer session at UCSB.
Since we can't get financial aid from two schools how is it going to pan out.
Who can I talk to?</p>

<p>I only decided to do summer couple of days ago. I got my classes and everything and submitted my FAFSA. How long will it take for them to process it?</p>

<p>They're charging me around 3k and I don't have that kind of money :]</p>

<p>bump prease</p>

<p>Sorry no one had an answer for you but hopefully you're kicking butt at LTC. One of my fellow cadets is there right now too.</p>