urgent question

<p>I immigrated to canada to start from grade 9 and my grades were defnitely in upward trend( grade nine average around 90 and grade 10 95 . Canadian system is different.So 90 and above are really high) in grade 11 I attended the IB program, and my grades numerically dropped because teachers don't give that high grades, and I am still in the top. Will that influence my chance? How can I reflect this in my application?</p>

<p>It's understandable that your grades would drop as you entered more challenging courses. Colleges will see from your transcript that your course load became more rigorous and will understand your drop in grades, as long as they didn't drop too far.</p>

<p>This is why class rank is most important, if your program doesn't give As the colleges will know from the school profile as well.</p>