Urgent Questions on Why Penn essay

<p>Yeah so mine's like a page and a quarter right now. I've already done as much manipulation as I can get away with. How important is it that the essay be a page. Will it be seriously counted against me if I'm a little over. PLEASE HELP!</p>

<p>i doubt they will reject you for that lol....but, i am not sure if they will read the extra quarter-page....even if they read it, you dont know what mood that will put them in....honestly, try to cut it down to one page...if that is impossible, jus send it and hope for the best (it cant be THAT big a deal - im sure a lot of people go over the one page thing)....but still, try to show them that you can follow directions....good luck</p>

<p>btw, i love poker too</p>

<p>haha err. hmm how many words?
i was able to fit 840 words onto a page</p>

<p>mine's like a little more then a page too..maybe 1.25-1.5 ...is that bad? i thought you kids said we could have it 1-2 pages...crap!</p>

<p>try trimming the margins ever so slightly on all 4 sides. Thats what I did.</p>

<p>on the paper app, it says not to exceed 1 SHEET. so im guessing tht means it can be too pages, double sided...right?</p>

<p>tricky trcky..my page217 essay will be 1 page...the other one is gonna bel ike 1.25</p>

<p>I made it one page. I figure it's not worth the risk of ****ing off the admission people. If we're not succint enough to say why we want to be at Penn in one page we don't deserve to be there.</p>