Urgent Questions Yo~

<p>Ok you know on part2 of the apps where it has you list fall/spring term classes..and then it says dont list APs here, list them below...</p>

<p>I am so confused...so it wants us to list the classes we are taking THIS year...But I have no other classes besides AP classes..so do I leave that whole section blank? I don't get it.</p>

<p>And then below, where it says to list the AP classes..it only has 5 slots? What's up with that? And then it says we should list the SCORES? if we're taing the classes this year..how do we list the scores we got on the ap tests? does it mean ap classes we took previously?? I have more than 5 ap classes...i can't fit them in there!</p>

<p>Here's the classes I'm taking this fall/spring:
AP English
AP Stats
AP Calc BC
AP Physics E&M
AP Gov</p>

<p>where do those classes go?</p>

<p>And these are the ap classes/tests i've taken (2 soph, 4 freshyr)</p>

<p>AP Euro History: 4
AP Bio: 5
AP Phys Mech: 4
AP Calc AB: 5
AP US History: 5
AP Enviro Sciences: No AP test.</p>

<p>where do I put that shizzle?</p>

<p>helppp pleaseee..i needa submit today and I don't get that whole section after we put our SAT/SAT2/ACT scores in on part 2...i believe its the section called Academic info...can someone help me out?</p>

<p>I'm not sure if this is the way to do it, but what I did was put the AP classes I'm currently taking on the course list and put the AP classes and tests I already took on the bottom section where you can put your scores.</p>

<p>that's what i did too.</p>

<p>me three. + characters</p>

<p>Same, the "next section" in which you're supposed to write your AP classes there's no room for classes, just tests that you have already completed. I'm pretty sure the top is for what you're taking, and the bottom for tests that you've already taken.</p>

<p>okay..and what if we can't fit all the ap classes we took on the bottom list? or should i jsut not lsit my ap enviro sci since i didn't take the ap test neways, and they'll still see it on my transcript</p>