Urgent - Recommendation Help

I talked with my 10th grade english teacher, who happens to be my teacher again this year, about if she would write me a follow-up recommendation letter for my deferral (UChicago). I am pretty sure that one of my original recommendation letters was weak because that teacher procrastinated and wrote all the letters quickly, so I would love to dilute the negative impact of that letter with another glowing rec (she said herself that she writes very good recommendations and would be more than happy to help me; I definitely think this recommendation could make a difference in my admissions results).

I know the deadline has long since past for most schools, but is it possible that I email my admissions rep with this new recommendation? Would I at least be able to use this recommendation as a follow-up for my deferral from UChicago, and for any future waitlists that I am on? Would colleges frown on the fact that this is a third teacher recommendation (although, the other two recs weren’t English teachers, and were from Junior year teachers)? I want to stress again that I am very certain that this recommendation will be glowing and may mean the difference in admissions results (as a cookie-cutter Asian on paper, I definitely think my teacher’s words will help me differentiate myself, largely because I lead class discussions and write very creative essays and have one of the highest grades - she is a notoriously tough grader).

I say this is urgent because she wants to know by Wednesday the latest (in two days).

I’m not an expert on U Chicago, but I think it’s a great idea, especially since your teacher can share insight on how you have grown as a student from tenth to twelfth grade. Even though the deadline has past, I think an email shows your continued interest and willingness to go the extra mile to be accepted. If U Chicago is your first choice school, make sure to state that in your email. Good luck!

@Massmomtothree I apologize if I wasn’t clear on this. I was deferred to UChicago, but I want to also use this recommendation for the many schools I applied to regular decision. However, all the deadlines for my regular decision have passed (Jan 1st, mostly). So, based on your reply, I definitely will send this recommendation to UChicago. However, should I send this rec to all my regular schools too?

@BostonBrotha can you ask your guidance counselor? I think some colleges would be open to receiving the additional letter – if so, it would be best coming directly from your high school. Your school guidance dept would know best.