Urgent: Sending SAT scores

<p>I paid sent for my SAT scores (Reasoning, as well as two subject tests) to be sent to all the colleges on my last back at the beginning of December. However, they still haven't gotten there. Now I realized, I had originally signed up to take the SAT Literature exam in January, but I was sick so I didn't take it and didn't make too much of a fuss of it because I already had the required tests done. </p>

<p>Is this the reason my scores haven't been received by my schools yet? Will it be a problem that the scores will be sent but it will show up that I did not take the January test? And is there any way I can restructure my score choice so that they will be sent ASAP?

<p>I am also slightly worried because two of my schools state that their deadlines for receiving score reports is February 1st…</p>


<p>It takes time for the school to update your profile. Maybe they have not updated yet?</p>

<p>I don’t think it is because you didn’t take the test. I remember there are choices which scores you want to send right?</p>

<p>Yeah I think it’s because I signed up for it but they’re waiting for the scores. What I don’t get is that schools like Brown and Columbia have a Feb 1st deadline for receiving score reports. How on Earth can they receive January test scores then? I don’t think the scores are calculated before then…</p>

<p>Go to collegeboard. Go to the page with your scores. Go to “Score send history” and make sure they were all sent.</p>

<p>If it says they were sent, they were sent. The January test date would not delay your scores from being sent. Your colleges may just not have processed the scores yet.</p>

<p>I just did. They weren’t sent.
I don’t see why they weren’t… My organizer has been showing my correct score recepients for the past month and a half.</p>

<p>And I just placed my order again. I think it must be because the January results have not been released yet. But some of my schools need their stuff in by Febrauary 1st…and I didn’t even take the January test…</p>