Urgent!!! should I retake a "C"???

<p>I got a "C+" on Honors Alg. 2A/Trig. back in sophomore year. I did some researching and found this place where I can retake this class for honors credit and I'm positive I'm gonna get an "A" cause its an easy class and I'm familiar to the concepts. </p>

<p>If I get an "A" it replaces the "C+" and my gpa and rank is boosted as well.
Although colleges/universities still see the "C" that grade doesn't count toward my gpa and rank, only the "A". </p>

<p>Do you think its worth it to retake? If my GPA/Rank go up alot, then I think its worthwhile. The class costs $500.</p>


<p>Btw, it doesn't take up much of my time, I'm currently taking Pre-Calc in school as a junior. The class I'm retaking is only 4 hours a week, like 5-7 p.m. monday and wednesday.</p>

<p>Most schools will not allow you to bump the grade for gpa and class rank. It would be like an AP Calculus student re-taking algebra 1 because they only got a B. Most schools will not allow you to go "backwards" in the progression.</p>

<p>That being said, if you wanted to re-take the course because you were interested in getting more solid on the material, that would be great! But your gpa/class rank plan is probably not going to work.</p>

<p>Sometimes, it just better to look the adcom in the metaphorical eye, and say 'Yes, I messed up...but I learned a lot from the experience, like x, y and z. As you can see, it never happened again.' One C+ will not destroy you.</p>

<p>The maturity that requires is more compelling than obsessing over a bad grade. And it allows you to focus on more important things like your current classes, what colleges you want to go to and how your unique story sets you apart from all the others. (Of course, if you sincerely feel you don't have the material mastered and you want to do that for it's own sake, that too is a reasonable - but don't do it in the hopes of pulling up your GPA or class rank.)</p>


<p>I need more input! My mom already paid the down payment of $300 the course is actually $800.</p>

<p>So I should just take my "C" and spend the money elsewhere? What I'm concerned most about is how colleges will look at it. It is guaranteed that my overall GPA & Rank will increase though. Im currently 42/754 and still a junior in my 2nd semester.</p>

<p>please guys I need some advice here, my mom is willing to sacrifice her money in order for me to get a higher rank and GPA. I'm applying to UC schools next year, which care alot about GPA/Rank but I'm also applying to a couple of selective privates.</p>

<p>What would be a better way to use my money to further my admission chances?</p>

<p>Thanks guys!</p>

<p>It's only one "C" from first semester alg. 2a/trig. sophomore year, I got a "B" 2nd semester. And my current GPA (10-11) is 4.31 W & 3.66 UW
All "A's" First semester of junior year. </p>

<p>I don't care about learning it again, the course is easy that I am basically guaranteed an A.</p>

<p>The main reason I'm planning to retake it is because I want to apply to some Ivy Leagues and a "C" will certainly kill my chances.</p>

<p>Save your money and let it go. The colleges will look at your upward trend. They are not looking for perfection.</p>

<p>^ I'm seriously considering Ivy Leagues though, and if I found a cheaper alternative, let's say $400, is it still worth it?</p>

<p>In the large scope of things, you will not be rejected from any school because of a C in your sophomore year. Instead of retaking the class, spend your time more wisely and get As in your math classes now and in the future.</p>

<p>Any acceptance/rejection by an Ivy league school is not going to be determined by this one class (especially the fact that it's from sophomore year).</p>

<p>^ I'm seriously considering Ivy Leagues though</p>

<p>This is an important decision for me, so you guys think that having a "C" will obliterate my chances and that I should use the money for something else? Like what though...</p>

<p>*sorry for the repost</p>

<p>And I'm scared that my chances will be destroyed for selective UCLA & UCberkeley which care alot about stats, my grades meet their average though and might exceed them after I'm done with 2nd semester junior year although my gpa is drastically lowered just because of that one grade sophomore year.</p>

<p>Put the money in the bank. College books are very expensive. The money will come in very handy when you have to purchase them. </p>

<p>You could save the money and use it towards the costs of college visits. Save it and use it towards the purchase of a laptop for college.</p>

<p>^ I'm really considering your advice, however, those visits might not be worth it if I get rejected because of one "C" regardless of how good my ec's, essays, test scores, other grades are :( </p>

<p>please do explain why I should let this go, I'm afraid I'm gonna look back and regret that I didn't do this.</p>

<p>I consider myself an expert on this topic.</p>

<p>For UC schools, it won't matter if you retake a 'C', because they only recognize grades below a C-. It won't even change your UC GPA.</p>

<p>It will only change your school GPA.</p>

<p>^ Okay, but what about for privates? Like Ivies and other selective schools</p>

<p>bump 10char</p>

<p>Ivies and other selective schools could fill their classes with 4.0s vals, but they don't. They are looking for kids with strong academic potential (which you already show) and other qualities like intellectual curiosity, creativity, drive, and unique personal worldviews.</p>

<p>Rather than wasting time and money on retaking a class, think about the things you could be doing that will differentiate you from all the other kids with strong, but not perfect, backgrounds. Frankly, you are beginning to sound a bit obsessive. Your time would be better spent looking for schools that would be as good a fit as those you've already mentioned.</p>


<p>Not obsessive, just REALLY concerned.</p>