*Urgent UCLA Summer Housing Question*

<p>Is there a deadline to sign up for summer housing? I looked around the website for a specific date but couldn't find one. </p>

<p>I'm hoping that my financial aid will cover a good portion of my summer living expenses but I haven't been awarded any summer aid yet. This sucks. I can't sign up for housing until my aid is awarded because once I fill out the summer housing app it wants me to pay the housing fee in-full; which is weird because I didn't have to pay for my classes upfront (it's just listed as an amount that I owe on my BAR). Anyone else in this situation? Have any of you received your award details for summer aid yet? Any light on this matter would be great. Thanks.</p>

<p>Bump... come on... no one has an answer to this one?</p>

<p>I got my summer aid breakdown already. I'm already a student here though I transferred in last year. I checked through myFAO so if you have your myUCLA login info check your e-mail for the notice or just go straight the myFAO page.</p>