Urgent!!! What r an Indian's chance for princeton ED

I am applying to princeton ED. Could somebody pls rate my chance for princeton.
today is oct 14th and i have not yet started work on my essays.</p>

<p>SAT I - 1510
MATHS - 740
VERBAL - 770</p>

<p>SAT II</p>

<p>Writing - 750
Maths IIC - 800
Chemistry - 750</p>

<p>Class Rank - 50 out of 1000
This is the most competitive school in India with toppers with all over India attending here </p>

<p>In Class X All India Board exams, i scored 95% which is in the top 0.01% across the country.</p>

<p>I have taken the toughest courses in school whioch are generally tougher than AP exams. These Include</p>


<p>I plan to give the AP exams externally as a private candidate in calculus AB, Calculus BC, Macro Economics,Micro Economics, Physics B and C. Chemistry, Environmental Science, English compositiohn and literature
Acheivements include</p>

<p>1) Recently published a book on India titled Kaleidoscope India. School's Principal is launching a nationwide olympiad based on it and it will be introduced in the school curriculum from the next year</p>

<p>2) Have been involved in quizzing activities(knowledge Bowl) for the part 8 years and have won competitions at the national and international level sometimes beating over one hundred thousand participants </p>

<p>3)I have been to 4 Model UNs winning Best Delegate for two years and will be a vice chair at an upcoming UN</p>

<p>4) I am president of environment club. I have organized many events at school level</p>

<p>5) I have done acapaella singing for the last 8 years and am a member of both my schools western and indian music choirs</p>

<p>6) I have had a competitive rank in many national and state level science and maths olympiads</p>

<p>7) Done lot of community service. Doen about 200 hours-tutoring and volunteering at a local school and am currently involved with an adult education programme</p>

<p>8) been involved iin a couple of drama and creative writing activites</p>

<p>Please Reply urgently</p>

<p>80%+ at Princeton ED.</p>

<p>Bump Bump Bump</p>

<p>okay some changes
Writing 800
Chemistry 780
chances for harvard EA and MIT,Princeton RD
Rank 1%</p>

<p>You retook, two 750's on the SAT II's. Wow. That's not a bad thing (actually it worked out quite nicely for you), I'm just baffled by that. I bet you'll get into one or two of those three.</p>

<p>Actually,when i had first posted this,I just estimated my SAT2 scores.They did turn out higher than I thought...</p>

<p>I wouldn't worry, I think publishing the book will be a huge boost to an already super super stong application. Your test scores are fabulous, and so are your EC's and your rank on the board exams is fabulous. I wouldn't worry. Just relax, write those essays, and wait for your acceptances to come in.</p>

<p>Essays come into play here.
I am from China, and know how many Indian/Chinese/etc. kids apply to those top colleges each year; most of them are extremely competitive, and you are certainly the best of the best. However, doing poorly on the essays could get you rejected easily.</p>

<p>One thing, be creative and make the essays INTERESTING. Most foreign applicants have conventional, boring essays. So it's your chance to stand out. Be interesting on the essay part.</p>

<p>In addition, your SAT I verbal might boost you, but what happens to your math?</p>

<p>Very true, my friend in admissions said foreign essays seem to be very formulaic as opposed to creative, make sure they are interesting</p>

<p>good job! It looks like you have a stron application. harvard is tough, but you have chance. good luck.</p>

<p>Do you think I should send each Ivy a copy of my book?</p>

<p>not to burst any bubbles, but there will be thousands of applicants from india, most with equally as good statistics, vying for a precious few spots. your book helps you stand out, but many other peple will be higher ranked in school and will have higher sats. its sad, but its always harder for the internationals to make it in than it is for the americans, becuase if you were here in the usa id say you were a shoe in. right now you're living in a very tough applicant ppol, but your chances still are good. bon chance!</p>

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<p>Holy s***, you wrote a freakin book. Yea, about 80%.</p>

<p>"Most foreign applicants have conventional, boring essays."</p>

<p>The same can be said about many American too, though.
And is this true - that international's essays are normally conventional?</p>

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